This was a one off tv show I ART DIRECTED with a LIVE section of an illusion whereby Mr Barry escapes an exploding shed after being tied up and appears across the other side of the carpark.

The episode was also made up of other tricks with celebrities, some of which can be viewed on the video link.

I cannot disclose full details of my involvement because of a confidentiality agreement. (I did not take these photos)

After he is tied up on a chair, he is nailed in to a garden shed

The remains. (He got out ok!)

Hundreds of people were present to witness this crazy irish guy's live illusion.

Burning braziers were part of the dressing for this cold night.

Explosive hazard tape is put around the blast perimeter

The explosion

This is a set I designed for backstage at the UK television awards. One of its functions was to hide paintings worth millions of pounds, as they were not cleared.