Adults lounge, with custom made sofas, laser cut coffee table and laser cut flower/vase decoration.

Three families with mis-behaving children had to share this house for up to a week.

Custom made dining table and kitchen for 3 families

kitchen shared by 3 families, with central island

House exterior, with dolls house style paint decoration, with teddys either side of the drive-way (in shadow)

giant topiary teddys made of astro-turf greeted the families on their arrival

outdoor area, featuring polystyrene seating

I made these shapes using felt and upholstery foam, which break up the bare wall space.

adults bedroom suite three, featuring custom made beds and custom printed duvet covers. The walls feature vinyl cut floral motifs.

lorax inspired trees for exterior

This is a chandelier suspended from a rig outside in Berkley Square

Sneaky Sound System music promo

Poker sets (3)

This is another set for the poker series and is made almost entirely from LEDs, some are velcro curtain and others are chroma strip. I helped mount these onto a steel sub-structure.

This is a wall of 950 Vodaphone phones which were charged, loaded with special ring tones and rigged on a wall which was activated via bulk text messages to create a SIM-PHONIA. I was part of the team who realised this, working for designer Ashley Turner.